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Belgrade, Serbia




Built by movie director Emir Kusturica from scratch, this dream village is definitely must see place. It consists of many buildings, which strictly follow mountain architecture style specific for this region. Some of those houses had been forgotten high in the mountains slowly perishing along with this beautiful housing tradition before they were carefully dismantled and transported to be fully refurbished and back to life again. Now they continue their lives together with other ones with same destiny. Walkways, paths and streets are all made of wood and old railway’s sleepers, little shops and church as well. Everything here is like from fairy tale brought here in reality between mountain ridges. You can try delicious food made out of own vegetables, milk and meat served in few restaurants, drink coffee from terrace with a view on another mountain Zlatibor, watch a movie at some film festival or just take a walk. Many reasons to lay our Enduro tracks through it.

sarganska osmica


This narrow gauge railway was one of the main connections between Europe and Adriatic Sea. It had quite intensive and sometimes very difficult times, but devotedly had served for about 50 years – from 1925 until 1974. After a few decades of oblivion, it was fully restored and brought back to life. Peace of art in engineering and construction on its 15 kilometers long way there are 22 tunnels, 5 bridges, few stations and viewpoints. In addition, all this at altitudes above 800 meters between rocky ridges on the edges of abysses. Old wagons and both diesel and steam locomotives take curious tourists through this beautiful nature.



Only 40kms from our base, there is a famous old bridge on river Drina in the city of Visegrad, Bosnia. Built in 1577 still stays one of must see places on Balkans. You can have a time on boat through Drina river canyon, walk through Andric City nearby or have a lunch break in some national restaurant.


bosnia & herzegovina

This newly built city is a part of Vishegrad and was initially planned as a touristic, cultural and administrative center. About 50 different buildings form a walled city made generally from stone. Besides the dozen of restaurants and cafes there are a cinema, theater, university, art academy, gymnasium, river marine, church – in one word that’s a real city made in Herzegovina architectural style. Accommodation also follows the same idea and completes your plunging into old times. On our trips, this place along with Vishegrad nd its amazing bridge are always part of route.

zaovine lake


Every time I am there is like first. Clear sonic blue water, yellow shores and green pine forest around make this silent place feel yourself like thousands kilometers from civilization. You can swim, walk around through stunning Tara mountain national park or have a fresh fish prepared in restaurant nearby. Lake is surrounded by mountain ridges and peaks at altitude 800 meters and considered as one of the deepest artificial lakes in Europe. It’s not unusual to extent staying on Tara Mountain at least forone day more when all this pops up in front you.

perucac lake


We stop here on the way up to Tara Mountain just to take coffee or have a lunch. Almost green water of the lake formed by Drina River here where the dam stops it for a while. Time looks like stopped here – local people swim by summer and fishing other time, foreigners take boat to see incredible canyon. From the other side you can hear calls for prayer from mosque. Behind is Tara with almost vertical cliffs and road that makes you ride slowly for two reasons – fear of height and enjoying the views. Quite loved route for Adventure riders.

racha monastery


One of my favorite. It was built in 13 th century at the foot of Tara Mountain and on the little river Racha. Hidden from curious and very often hostile eyes in the past, today it attracts travelers by its architecture, location and history. Like almost everything in Serbia, Monastery had been subject of constant demolition by enemies and patient and persistent reconstruction by locals in the past. One of our tracks leads us there on the way up to Tara Mountain.

durmitor national park


Durmitor is on our way on two of our tours and that’s the place that just must not be missed while ride these places. Considered as southern part of Dinars Alps, this place is untouched, high an accessible by good and scenic roads. When I used to travel alone, I always stayed longer then I had planned. Durmitor is actually National Park and surrounded by few canyons one of which is deepest in Europe. Lake Plateau is at average altitude about 1450 m and offers you views from National Geography documentaries. Piva from one side and Tara river from another gives you dilemma – should I ride or just sit down and watch. No matter what direction is chosen for Adventure riding, all of them are unforgettable.

piva river canyon


On the north of Montenegro there is artificial Lake Piva known for its pure and blue water brought in it by river with the same name. Despite the fact that it was made by man, this lake and canyon perfectly harmonize with the wild and beautiful nature of Montenegro. It is 33 km long, deep up to 1200 m and offers exciting curvy road for riding and enjoying the views. By the way, it’s the highest artificial lake in the world. On our tours through Montenegro, this route along with Durmitor is most remembering.

ostrog monastery


Like everything in Montenegro, this Monastery is high in the mountains, literally carved into the vertical cliffs. Despite the fact that road there is narrow and curvy with lot of serpentines, it is most visited monastery in East Europe. It is meeting place for all confessions from all around the world and live proof that religion sometimes doesn’t matter. This place can tell many stories since it was built in 16 th century – from Ottomans, over German occupation until communist occupation. Still standing on the mountain and on our route over Montenegro.



On the way back to Serbia, only 30 km from Adriatic Sea, we surely stop here. City is considered as one of the most beautiful in the region with its Platan trees, Trebisnjica River, stone bridges, Old town and surrounding mountain peaks. City main square with all buildings made from stones, all year sunny weather and delicious food grab you and make you forget about life back home. Not to mention the perfect roads over Hercegovina’s mountains.



Turning point on our few tours. Lake is located at the south Montenegro and is biggest in the East Europe. Great chance to see way of live which has changed just slightly over a centuries. Mixed cultures change scenery all way long to Adriatic sea which is just over the mountain ridge, less than 50 km far. Mediteranian architecture, narrow roads and bridges, traditional food just taken out of the Lake, that’s just a part of what that place has to offer.