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Belgrade, Serbia

about us

“there is no place like home”

says the old proverb…

Being passionate adventure riders, we rode almost every continent on the planet, both on and off road. Doing that made us, whether we’d like to or not, very experienced and knowledgeable about the world, about people and just about what REAL adventure means.

Back in 2016 we established our first Enduro Tour Company: “Sector Enduro Serbia”. What started as a small project only meant to cover riding expanses, grew to be an amazing business with over a 100 tours done already! ”Sector Enduro” brings some of the best riding tracks carefully selected over the mountains, accompanied by professional guiding, only new KTM EXC bikes and of course only the best riders as guides.

Our company also function as an Off Road Riding School. From that position we noticed exactly how even people who ride for many years, are still happy to improve their riding skills and apply it on their own adventures- and
that is our purpose! Not to mention how much they enjoyed not only the riding itself but also the beautiful sceneries, nature and local culture.

After many requests from riders asking about Adventure tours, riding longer trips and across the country, we decided that now is the time for “Orange Plum” to happen.

The first thing you’ll see when you meet us is all of our passion, experience and love for bikes put in here, which is the heart of it all: highly professional and interesting motorcycle Adventure tours, and nothing else.

There is, in fact, no place like home, and for us it means that we know ours best: we laid out routes all over Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia which are still quite unexplored and exciting to ride and visit.

meet the team

Nebojsa Maric

Guide #1

Master of nuclear sciences, ex muay thai devotee, at some moment I realized that bikes were my second life. I was lucky to get back to Serbia, to change my life and ride Enduro and Adventure bikes with all the good guys from all round the world. Least of all, it’s about the money. It’s about a sharing a good time, introducing the friendly Serbia, and riding the wild trails. Huge experience in riding the world all at your dispose.

dusan blagojevic

Guide #3

Everything this man do, he does better than others. Few times superbike Europe champ, best hard Enduro rider in Serbia, best bike mechanic, best mood all the time. “No problem man”. All knowledge gained as track manager on few races in Serbia and on plenty of races including Romaniacs, he will share with you. He our technical support and priceless team mate for exploring new tracks and routes.